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Steamed Halibut and Stir Fry Hong Kong Kai Lan

now and then, I will try to get my kids to eat fish. For dinner, I did a steamed halibut fillet, and I am glad they enjoyed the fish.

Anyway, this is how I cooked the fish; Chopped up some garlic and red chilies. Cook the garlic until it is light brown in color. Add the chilies and some oyster sauce and cook briefly. Then set the sauce aside. Dry fry some julienne ginger and chop up some scallions for garnishing. Place the fish in a steamer and mix in 1 Tbsp of Chinese Cooking Wine and 1 Tbsp of Light Soy Sauce. Steam the fish over rapid boiling water for about 15 minutes or until the fish is fully cooked. To serve, top the fish with the garlic and chili mixture, scallions and some fried ginger. Serve immediately.

As for the Hong Kong Kai Lan: Blanch the clean and cut vegetables with a bit of salt and oil. Drain the vegetable’s well, then heat the wok on a moderate heat and add peanut oil with a few slices of ginger and chopped garlic. Cook until the ginger and garlic become fragrant. After that, turn the heat on high and mix in the vegetables. Stir-fry quickly and add a bit of oyster sauce, sea salt, some corn flour solution and lastly some Chinese cooking wine.

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