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Tom Yum Hot Pot

First of all, I would like to wish my family, friends and readers a very "Happy New Year"!

I can't believe it! Another year has gone by so quickly! Is it a good thing? Who knows, right?

Well, this evening we had Hot pot or Steamboat for dinner. It's rather cold today, so I have decided to cook Tom Yum soup for the hot pot. You can get the soup recipes from my previous posts here. I have doubled up the recipes and added an extra cup of chicken stock. I cooked some rice noodles, so everyone can have them with the soup. Let's see, I have Big Dungeness Crabs, River Prawns, fish dumplings, fish balls, tofu, Enoki mushrooms and some vegetables. Guess, my ingredients were pretty simple but that's how my family likes their hot pot :)

So, have a good feast everyone! Don't forget the Champagne! Cheers!!!

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  1. Thanks Kevin! Btw, I've just made Apple Butter from your recipe. They were really good and I'm going to bake some cookies with them next week, if there's any left! LOL! :)



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