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Banana, Chocolate, And Bacon Spring Rolls

Ever tried having bacon in your dessert? A bizarre combination I have to admit, therefore, I am sure the majority of the response to the question will be a big “no” :-) The recipe consists of Banana, Chocolate, and of course, Bacon. The end result was surprising indeed, very tasty, a fusion of sweet and salty flavors! Do try this unusual recipe and please give me your feedback :-)

Banana Chocolate, And Bacon Spring Rolls
(Printable Recipe)


8 Strips of cooked Bacon, crumbled
4 Medium Ripe Bananas, halved
6 - 8 Tbsp Chocolate Chips
8 Sheets of Spring Roll Wrappers
Oil for deep-frying


Combine the banana, bacon and chocolate chips on the corner of a wrapper and fold, roll up and press to secure with a little water.

Heat the oil on moderate heat and cook the spring rolls in 2 batches until golden brown in color. Drain on a paper towel. Serve warm.

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  1. I can imagine they would taste a little like the chinese mooncakes with the sweet/nutty/bacon filling... minus the chocolate..... mmmm this definitely sounds like a better combination.

  2. Nice pictures and very interesting dessert!

  3. Agreed, what a wild mix of tastes! Thanks for sharing.

    Casual Kitchen

  4. I have never tried bacon in my bacon. Thanks for sharing, it is an interesting recipe! :)

  5. What is that sauce you have in the picture?

    This looks fantastic. I know some bacon fans who will love this.

  6. Hey Angie,
    Have you ever had a banana, chocolate, and grated cheese combo? That's probably good too :-)



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