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Fried Sweet Potato Balls

Up to making some snacks or “kuih” with sweet potatoes? This is a Fried Sweet Potato Balls recipe. They’re made of deep orange color sweet potato together with glutinous rice flour, sugar, and some grated coconut. Gently roll the mixture and fry until golden brown. They’ll be crunchy on the outside whilst remaining soft and chewy on the inside. Do try this easy recipe and if deep fry is not for you, do come back tomorrow for another interesting recipe with sweet potatoes.

Fried Sweet Potato Balls


450 g Orange Color Sweet Potato Flesh (from 2 Medium, about 520g)
250 g Glutinous Rice Flour
30 g Corn Flour
120-150 g Sugar
100 g Grated Coconut
¼ tsp Sea Salt
Oil for deep-frying


Boil the sweet potatoes in a medium pot until tender, 20 to 30 minutes, depending on size of potatoes.

When cool enough to handle, mash the potatoes in a potato riser or masher. (If you are using a masher, you will have to peel the potatoes first)

Place the sweet potatoes in a large bowl and add in the glutinous rice flour, corn flour, sugar, grated coconut, and sea salt. Mix with your hand to get soft dough. Knead lightly to form a smooth dough.

Pinch a small piece of dough (about 15 g each) roll them in your palm to form a smooth ball.

Heat the oil in a deep fryer or heavy pan over low to moderate heat. Put in a cube of potato – when potato is nicely colored, the oil is hot enough to fry the sweet potato balls. Fry until golden, remove and drain on a paper towel. Serve immediately.

Makes about 50 balls.

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  1. wow these look yum! i so wanna taste them

  2. Do you think this recipe would work with regular flour? They look really delicious!

  3. @Amanda: Regular flour will produce heavier dough. If you have to decrease the flour, then increase the sugar slightly. Do let me know the results. Thanks!

    @Molly: It's actually corn starch, but over here some packages label it as corn flour.

  4. Haven't had these for ages.Love them when its still hot.

  5. these look so good! i've never seen them before, I might have to have a go at this myself :)

  6. They look beautiful and so perfect!
    They also remind me of the "Johnnycakes" from The Reef restaurants. Thanks for the recipe!

  7. These look really good and I haven't had it for ages. Love these kuih especially when they have just been fried. Yum!

  8. i just love sweet patato...and i have had some what like these at one of my friends place...its just delicious with sweet patato...but her's is usually sliced.. :)

  9. They are beautiful. The right size and nicely brown. Wish I can sink my teeth into one :) The last time I had this was in Cameron Highlands and that was ages ago. Carlos is not a fan of sweet potato so if I make this I will be the only one eating it :(

  10. Its like a sweet potato Aranchini. Any dipping sauce?

  11. I had these in KL, at a restaurant, and they were really well done. Yours looks exactly like theirs. Am so glad you shared this. My family asked if I could replicate this dish for them, since we all enjoyed it so much. I'll look to your blog. :)

  12. I was going to sly say that these would be great with ketchup. Hey, everyone's a kid at heart, right? But then I saw the coconut, and paused. Hmm, me thinks ketchup still would go well. ;)

  13. Those look really good! Great photos!

  14. I wanted to make this, can i skip the grated coconut?

  15. i tried making these and they are delicious! thanks for the recipe!

  16. This recipe it's really good, love it so much. Almost a decade for not eating eversince I moved to UK. Thks for de recipe



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