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How To Make Ginger And Garlic Paste

This post is about making Ginger And Garlic Paste at home. It is delicious with steamed fish, fried rice, chicken, or as a dip on Hainanese chicken rice and Hot-Pot. I have several recipes that use this condiment, that I will share soon.

Ginger And Garlic Paste


500 grams (peeled weight) Ginger, coarsely chopped
100 grams garlic
2 Cups Peanut Oil
1 Cup Chicken Stock
2 to 3 tsp Sea Salt, or to taste


Blend ginger, garlic with chicken stock until you have a fine paste.

Heat peanut oil over medium heat. Cook the paste until fragrant and the oil separates, about 20 to 25 minutes. Season with sea salt. Store the remainder paste in a jar, and refrigerate until further use.

Makes 3 Cups of Ginger and Garlic Paste
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  1. Just want to clarify, is it 100 garlic or 100 grams of garlic?

  2. How long will this last in the refrigerator?

  3. How long will this last in the refrigerator?

    1. 2 weeks shouldn't be a problem...you can freeze it too.

    2. Thanks Angie. I've never made a cooked paste with stock and didn't have a clue. Freezing sounds like a good idea.



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