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Kerabu Timun

This is a simple and packed-full of flavor cucumber appetizer. In this recipe, I used homegrown cucumber, shallots, and chilies.

Kerabu Timun/Cucumber


2 Medium-Sized Cucumbers, peeled & sliced
2 tsp Sea salt
1 to 2 Fresh Red Chilies
2 Tbsp Dried Shrimps, soaked in boiling water for 10 minutes, lightly pounded
4 Shallots
1 to 2 tsp Sugar, or to taste

Sambal Belacan
3 Red Chilies, chopped & pounded
2 Green Chilies
2 to 3 Thai Bird's Eye Chilies, pounded
1 tsp Toasted Belacan/Shrimp Paste, pounded
Bog Pinch of Salt
Kalamansi of Lime Juice


Mix cucumber with salt and marinate for about 15 minutes. Then pat-dry with towel.

In a mixing bowl or a large plate, combine the cucumber, pounded sambal belacan, shallots, dried shrimps, and mix well. Toss well and season with sea salt and lime juice.

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