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Korean Ginseng Soup

Today, I'm using the Red Korean Ginseng Root for.. Yup, you guessed it, Ginseng Soup! If you are thinking of buying Korean Ginseng, make sure to look for the Korean Insam Seal, as shown below. The seal shows that the product is authentic and approved by the Republic of the Korean government. Well, I am not sure the exact benefit of taking Korean Ginseng. However, according to some of the studies, the basic medicinal in ginseng is supposed to enhance the overall resistance of the body and facilitating its normalization and recovery from a state of illness. I think it does help, but my family simply loves the soup :)

Korean Ginseng Soup


25 g of Red Korean Ginseng Root, sliced
25 g of Dried Red Dates
1 Organic Chicken, skinless and blanched.
5 cups of water, boiled
Sea salt to taste


In a slow cooker, add the ginseng, dried red dates and the boiled water. Let it simmer for about one hour.

Add the chicken and cook for another 3 hours. Just before serving, add the sea salt and adjust according to taste.

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