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Udon Noodles With Vegetables Tempura

I suppose after last evening dinner, a light Japanese meal would be a good idea. I used dried Udon noodles and they should be boiled like dried spaghetti. For the soup , I made with Konbu, Sake, Mirin, Bonito flakes, and light soy sauce . I also added some slices of store bought, Japanese fish cake into the soup.

We have been having meat and shellfish almost everyday. So, I made the tempura with just vegetables. I like the lightness and the crispy texture of the tempura. My kids reminded me the similarity of fried banana fritters. I supposed the banana fritters are made with heavier batter. Maybe, I'll make some for them soon.

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  1. Both my fav kind of food. Its a must order when I go to Japanese Restaurant. By the way thanks for stopping by at my blog.

  2. @ICook4Fun:You're most welcome!



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