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Steamed Rice with Stir-Fry Broccoli, Ma Po Tofu and Chinese Spinach Soup

It's time to eat again. This evening we had steamed jasmine rice with stir-fry broccoli, tofu with chili bean sauce (Ma Po tofu) and a Chinese spinach soup. Dinner was simple and we enjoyed having the almost vegetarian meals.

Stir-Fry Broccoli


1 large head of broccoli
2 cloves of garlic, chopped
1Tbsp oyster sauce
1Tbsp peanut or vegetable oil
salt to taste
some corn flour solution


Trim and cut the broccoli into flowerets. Blanch and drained well.

Heat the wok; add the peanut oil and chopped garlic. Stir until fragrant and add the drained broccoli. Stir briefly and season with oyster sauce, salt and some light cornstarch solutions.

Chinese Spinach Soup


1 large bunch Chinese spinach
5 cups of anchovies stock or chicken stock
2 eggs, lightly beaten
salt and ground white pepper to taste
some deep fried shallots


Clean and trim the spinach. With a medium pot, add the anchovies stock. When the soup is boiling, put in the spinach and then the eggs.

Season with salt and ground white pepper. To serve, add some deep fried shallots.

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  1. Great recipe!. For all the Recipes For Stir Fry I saw on the internet this is the best food I really like. I decide to create this recipe and I'm sure my family will love this very much. Thank you for sharing this recipe with us.



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