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Ole Ole Bali

Okay, before I elaborate further on this restaurant, I think I ought to tell you why we ate at this rustic and charming outlet. I was supposed to do my last minute shopping and I even canceled my lunch appointment with two best friends Anna and Susan.

So, on that morning while I was about to do drive out to finish up my errands, Susan called me and asked if I could have lunch with them that very afternoon instead and that she will drive me around to finish up my errands! I'm not sure whether it would be a good idea because I'm a person who does not like to trouble people. However, due to the time constraint and the fact that I really wanted to meet Susan and Anna again before I headed back to Vancouver, I agreed with Susan.

Anyway, after running my errands together with Susan we headed to the Sunway Pyramid to meet Anna. Then we were debating what to have for lunch. After looking at the directory of the shopping mall, we decided to try out a Middle Eastern restaurant. Guess what? After 15 minutes of searching for the outlet, we found out that they were closed! Sigh!!! Then, we saw Ole Ole Bali. The restaurant deco looks very Balinese and we thought why not? Can't be that bad, right?

Well, turns out, the food was good and the atmosphere was great too! You know, above all, for me I must say it's the company that makes everything beautifully! I'm going to miss Susan and Anna a lot. We've been great friends for many years now and I guess for the time being we will have to keep in touch with each other through the Internet again. (Thank god for the Brilliant INTERNET!)

Lemongrass Mojito - So refreshing!

Squid Salad - Yummy!

Ole Ole Trio - The star dish (Grilled Chicken, Seafood Lemongrass and Deep Fried Squid)

Nasi Kambing Bumbu - A lamb dish with vegetables.

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  1. Lemongrass Mojito sounds interesting...


  2. Hey NAOmi, the Lemongrass Mojito's were really good;)

  3. mojitos are my favorite drink. a lemongrass mojito sounds divine!

  4. @kristin: My favorite too, even better with lemongrass!



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