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Phoa Hoa Restaurant

I cannot believe it! After having all the local food for about 2 weeks, my son and I actually crave for PHO! As most of you may know, in Vancouver there are plenty of Vietnamese Restaurants and we will have our dose of Pho at least once a month. Btw, the only person that dislikes Pho in my family is my daughter but she doesn't mind some of the Vietnamese dishes though. So, we decided to have our fix of Pho on the day that she was at her friend's place. We went to Phoa Hoa restaurant. They are located at The Curve shopping mall in Mutiara Damansara. Obviously we had the Pho and it was very refreshing and so satisfying! I had ordered two extra dishes to share and they were marvelous too!

Bun Ga Nuong - Grilled Chicken served with thin vermicelli noodles and vegetables

Sugarcane Prawn (I have a great recipe over here)

Pho Tai - Noodle soup with Eye Round Steak

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  1. And here I thought Pho was just soup! We have a Pho restaurant that opened a few months ago in town, I've got to try it out!

  2. The Sugarcane Prawn look amazing!

  3. Good thing it's not bad like the Pho Hoa's we have here...

  4. Truly, there is nothing better on a cold day than a big bowl of pho. It warms you up, and refreshes you at the same time with all its fresh herbs. It's a perfect one-dish meal.

  5. @:Joie de vivre:You should try them out;)
    @:604foodtography:Yes and thanks for the comment:)
    @:Carolyn Jung:I agree with you all the way!

  6. I have to say that Pho Hoa here in Victoria on the island has always disappointed me. I've only had take-out but the noodles were gluey and the spring rolls were stale (as if they were hours old and stored in a fridge). I always go to Pho Vy here - it's one of my favorite restaurants in Victoria. You should try them if you're ever on the island!



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