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Sweet Potato Balls Filled With Mung Bean Paste

Fried Sweet Potato Balls are a popular sweet snack throughout South East Asia. It’s also known as Onde-Onde in Indonesia, Kanom Kai Nok Krata in Thailand, Bánh Cam in Vietnam, etc. The recipe varies from different countries, some filled with red bean paste, ground peanuts, or as it is.

Chinese Herbal Tea Eggs/Marbled Tea Eggs

Chinese Herbal Tea Eggs (or also commonly known as Tea Leaf Eggs or Marbled Eggs) is a nutritious and healthy snack that can be found throughout China and in most parts of South-East Asia. These are hard-boiled eggs infused with the flavors of tea leafs and various Chinese herbs and spices. Here, I have listed a list of herbs and spices for you to try. You can also opt for the popular Malaysian "Bak Kut Teh" spice recipe, or widely known as “BKT” in Malaysia. Anyway, you can easily obtain either the herbs and spices listed, or BKT spices at most Chinese grocers here in Vancouver. Do try to make these healthy and delicious tea eggs, then, tell me which spice you prefer.:-)

Green Mango With Sweet And Spicy Sauce

This Green Mango With Sweet And Spicy Sauce is one of my favorite childhood snacks. It is very easy to put together at and very addictive too.

Phở Gà - Chicken Noodle Soup

“Pho (pronounced ‘fir’) is the quintessential Vietnamese dish, traditionally made with beef broth but there are many variations too. Here, I have a recipe for Pho Ga or Chicken Noodle Soup. This delicious herby soup takes a while to make, but, with very little effort though. Try this easy soup noodle recipe and serve with a plate of fresh herbs, chopped chili, and slices of lime on the side. *This is an updated post with a video cooking guide. (Previously posted on 06/01/12)

Chicken Congee

A simple and delicious warm bowl of Chicken Congee or Rice Porridge With Chicken is what I like when I'm feeling under the weather. It's a comforting meal and can be served at any time of the day.