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Steamed Halibut and Stir Fry Hong Kong Kai Lan

Everynowandthen, I willtry to get my kids to eatfish. Fordinner, I did a steamed halibutfillet, and I am gladtheyenjoyedthefish. Anyway, this is how I cookedthefish; Chopped up somegarlicandredchilies. Cookthegarlicuntil it is lightbrown in color. Addthechiliesandsomeoystersauceandcookbriefly. Thensetthesauceaside. Dryfrysomejuliennegingerandchop up somescallionsforgarnishing. Placethefish in a steamerandmix in 1Tbsp of ChineseCookingWineand1Tbsp of LightSoySauce. Steamthefish

Hot and Sour Noodles

A nice bowl of noodles for dinner. This type of noodle is also known as Hokkien "Lor Mee" with black vinegar. Simple yet satisfying.