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How To Poach Eggs

I will share my method of making Poached Eggs in this post. I know there are so many ways to make simple beautiful poach eggs. I’ll admit I have tried many of the common methods before and have ended up with a lot of wasted eggs. So, I find this method easiest and it works for me every time without fail! It may not be the best looking poached eggs around; but, it works and is certainly good enough for me. Check out the video and please let me know what you think.

How to Poach Eggs


4 Eggs, at room temperature
A big pinch of Sea Salt

A 9 to 10 inch Pan


Fill about 1 inch water and a big pinch of sea salt in the pan and bring it to a boil.

Turn off the heat. Crack one egg at a time into the water and make sure they are side by side. Closed the lid and allow the eggs to set to the desired consistency. I like my egg yolk runny, so, 3 minutes would be perfect.

Using a slotted spoon or spatula, remove one egg at a time and shake off any excess water. Serve the eggs warm.

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  1. Hey! super cool, I might try over the weekend. Thanks for sharing.

  2. We love poached eggs and toast. I do my eggs about 4 mins. They are a comfort food ~ I am kind of in the mood for one now :)

  3. I saw some videos in youtube where they use vinegar to poach egg for egg benedict. According to them, vinegar helps stabilizing the egg.

  4. @Jasmine: Yes, but with this method you don’t need any vinegar.

  5. Nah, vinegar doesn't really do all that much and just adds a smell.

    I like to crack mine into a little bowl and slide them in.

  6. But this method needs super fresh eggs, right?
    Hard to get super fresh ones here.
    Those sold unrefrigerated, gets watery just 2-3 days at room temp. Maybe it's due to the hot weather here that the eggs are like that.

  7. @wendyywy @ Table for 2..... or more: It's not necessary to use fresh eggs but they must be at room temperature.

  8. Angie, u're doing alot of videos now eh :) Nice.. I too sometimes turn off the heat, but I swirl the water in the pot b4 putting the egg in. So it comes out roundish and the yolk is in the middle of it.

  9. @Swee San: Great idea, thanks :D

  10. I just want to tell you, my poached egg poached perfectly well!! i JUST poached an egg about 10 minutes ago to try and I ate my plate cleaned and satisfied. Thank you so much for sharing. this is indeed super easy tip. That is right, vinegar doesn't do much, i have tried it before but this method is one of the best you only need egg, water, salt and timer! i am also using an egg from my fridge that i have bought a week ago, the poached came out GRRRRREAT.

  11. Angie, Thanks for sharing this simple and easy way, will try soon.

  12. @Arina:Fantastic! Thanks for trying out my method and glad you enjoyed the egg.

  13. I loved that video, thanks for sharing!!



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