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Thai Basil Chicken

Thai Basil Chicken is one of those amazing dish that is so easy and quick to whip up. Just make sure you have plenty of steam rice ready as this stir-fry chicken is slightly spicy, delicious, and addictive! :-)

Thai Basil Chicken


2 Cloves Garlic, Chopped
½ Yellow Onion, diced
3 Bird's Eye Chilies, chopped

3 Pieces (about 380g) Skinless & Boneless Chicken Thighs, diced
50 g Asian (Thai) Basil
1 1/2 Tbsp Peanut Oil

Sea Salt to taste
Freshly Ground White Pepper
2 Stalks Scallions, finely sliced


2 tsp Oyster Sauce
1 Tbsp Fish Sauce

2 tsp Soy Sauce
1 tsp Sugar
2 tsp Dark Soy Sauce

½ tsp Corn Starch

2 Tbsp Water


Combine the sauce ingredients and mix well.

Heat the oil in a wok over moderate heat and cook the garlic, onion, and chilies until fragrant. Turn the heat on high and toss in the diced chicken. Give a quick stir, mix in half of the basil, stir and add in the sauce.

Bring the mixture to a boil and season with pepper and sea salt, if necessary. Once the sauce has thickened, mix in the rest of the basil. Serve warm with some steamed rice, and top with scallions.

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  1. Love how quick and easy Thai food is to prepare. Love the addition of a fried egg too.

    I eat this dish regularly when we visit Thailand but never tried to make it at home. To be honest, I haven't found Thai basil here although I haven't looked super hard. I imagine it should be pretty easy to grow?

  2. One of my favourite thai dish, yea, so easy to make and so delicious! I like the idea of adding a fried egg, a bonus!

  3. Angie...you are right ! this dish can be addictive ! Haha in my mind I already imagine how it is going to taste like... mmmm I am going to cook this for Piggies :p thanks for always sharing delicious stuff here :) Have a nice day and keep warm !


  4. Sounds fab - I really love thai basil but it's really hard to get over here.

  5. I love the herbs and spices you use. I have thai basil in my garden!

  6. Hi, I was wondering if this will taste the same if I were to use chicken breast instead of chicken thigh?

    1. This recipe works well with chicken breast too. Try it!



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