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How to cook Soft/Hard-Boiled Eggs With Rice Cooker

I am sure that you are aware that rice cookers can cook more than just rice. If your rice cooker has a steam function, this could be a great method that you can use to make soft or hard-boiled eggs. The countdown of the rice cooker starts after the water comes to a boil. In my case, I used cold tap water, large eggs straight from the fridge, and it took about seven and a half minutes for the water to start boiling. Then the timers will start and all you have to do is stop the steaming process and remove the eggs depending on the type of doneness you like. Anyway, in this video, I have shown four different results of cooked egg, from 7-10 minutes. This method has never failed us. However, the result may vary from different brand of rice cooker, water temperature, and the size of eggs. Nevertheless, do give this method a go!

How to cook Soft/Hard-Boiled Eggs With Rice Cooker

What you’ll need:

4-5 cold Large Eggs, straight from the fridge
1 Cup Water
Steamer Basket
Rice cooker with a “steam” function
A Bowl of Ice Water

Method: Please refer to the above video for instructions.
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