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Pepper Pancakes

Welcome to my new Garden to Table series, where I will be showcasing a number of delicious recipes with ingredients used from my garden. I started my little vegetable garden last Fall, and whilst it has its challenges, I very much enjoyed learning and seeing my empty garden bloom into what it is today! Although my garden may be small, I’ve somehow managed to pack it full with all different kinds of delicious edibles and flowers (they’re used as both insect deterrents and pollinators!)

I hope to inspire those who are looking to start a garden but are limited by space, and of course, share recipes made from the day’s pickings!

See the link below for a mini tour of my garden!

In today’s episode we will be making Pepper Pancakes using Japanese Shishito peppers. Contrary to popular belief, shishito peppers are not spicy and go very well with this Chinese style pancake. Without further ado, please enjoy my very first episode of my garden to table series!

Pepper Pancakes

220 to 230 grams Wheat Flour
1/4 tsp Sea Salt
120 ml Lukewarm Water

15 to 20 Shishito Peppers
1/4 tsp Sea Salt
Peanut or Vegetable Oil, for frying


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