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Kaya-Coconut Jam

Kaya or also known as Coconut Jam is a very popular breakfast toast spread, especially in Malaysia and Singapore. This sweet coconut jam is made with just coconut milk, eggs, sugar, and pandan leaves. A bit of patience for the simple fresh ingredients concoction to thicken up and the reward will be a really yummy coconut jam to enjoy with your toast.

On this recipe, I had to apply a slight tweak to this age old traditional recipe to suit my taste. The traditional recipe calls for an equal portion of the coconut milk, eggs, and sugar to be used. Too sweet for my taste, so, I halved the amount of sugar called for, added in a bit of Demerara sugar for coloring, and some flour to thicken. Here’s the result. Well, if you are into coconut jam or is curious about it, do give this recipe a go and please let me know how it turned out and what you think of Kaya!

Kaya-Coconut Jam
(Printable Recipe)


250 ml 100 % Coconut Milk (Arroy-D brand, if available)
250 ml Eggs or 4 Large Eggs
110 g or 125 ml Granulated Sugar
2 tsp All Purpose Flour
2 Tbsp Demerara Sugar
3 Pandan (Screw Pine) Leaves, washed, dry and knotted


In a large bowl, whisk the coconut milk, eggs, sugar, and flour until well combine. Strain the coconut milk mixture into a double boiler or any heat resistant bowl that rests snugly on one of your saucepans, leaving about 3 inches of between the bottom of the bowl and the bottom of the pan.

Heat the water to a gentle simmer and add the Demerara sugar into the strained coconut mixture. Stirring constantly but gently with a heatproof rubber spatula or a wooden spoon for about 20 minutes and put in the pandan leaves. Continue to stir for about 30 to 35 minutes or until the mixture is thickened and with a spreadable consistency. Remove immediately, discard pandan leaves, and let cool before storing into a clean airtight jar.

Makes about 250ml coconut jam.

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  1. I never knew it was so easy to make! I've used the Yeo's canned one for as long as I can remember.

  2. Thanks for this! I always end up picking up a can of the Ya Kung Kaya brand whenever I stop over in that part of the world. It never lasts long (at least the best before date is always quite short). Does this one hold up in the fridge pretty well?

  3. @Connie: Yes, it's very easy indeed. Hope you will make your own Kaya soon.

    @shokutsu: You're most welcome. There is no preservative in the Kaya, so I don't recommend keeping them in the refrigerator for more than 10 days.

  4. My mother loves "coco jam" -- I'm going to try making this for her. Thanks!

  5. Wow...your kaya looks creamy and delicious. It's a long time I have not eaten kaya toast. Looking at not only makes me hungry but really missing home!

  6. Oh my god... it's been too long since I've had proper kaya. Really miss it since we finished our last jar (bought in Malaysia) - the ones in Chinatown don't taste as good.

    Have been eating too much peanut butter instead so this will be less fattening alternative. Thanks!

  7. Gosh..Bravo Angie! You made kaya the traditional way. Now who says that's not traditional. Mine is not, yours is. Did the 2 tsp flour really help? It will thicken if you let it cook off by itself right?

  8. @Quinn: Thanks! Yes, 2 tsp of flour seems little but it does help. You have to keep stirring the jam, if not it will curdle. Do try the recipe, very easy :)

  9. Ooh, kaya, good stuff! I like your photos too.


  10. I love coconut and would be thrilled to make some Kaya, but would I be totally amiss without the pandan? I don't even know what pandan is...

  11. @papawow: Yes, you can make the Kaya without pandan leaf too.

  12. Ah man, now I have yet another reason to continue my epic search for the elusive Pandan leaves...! This looks great. I wonder how long it would last it I jarred it like normal homemade jam?

  13. This sounds delicious. Do you ever use shredded coconut in it too?

  14. Hi Angie, I just came across your blog and am really enjoying it. I especially like this post because I LOVED kaya when I lived in Thailand but I didn't know it was easy to make!

  15. Looks yummy and I looks great!

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