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How To Make Kuih Pie Tee/Top Hat Shells

This is Nyonya Kuih Pie Tee or also known as Top Hats. It's an appetizer made with a savory, crispy thin fried shell, filled with stir-fry yam bean (jicama) and carrot. 

In this video, I'll show you how make the shell with and without the brim. You'll also need a special Pie Tee mold, and If you can't get hold of it, then try the Scandinavian Rosette & Timbale mold. The latter mold is different, but it does serve the same purpose.

How To Make Kuih Pie Tee/Top Hat Shells


100 g All Purpose Flour, sifted
50 g Corn Flour
110 g Rice Flour
1/2 tsp Salt
2 Eggs, lightly beaten
400 ml Water

Oil for deep frying
A Kuih Pie Tee Mold


Combine all the ingredients(except the oil), mix well until the batter is smooth and strain into a smaller bowl or measuring jug and let the batter rest for an hour.

In a moderate heat, immerse the mold in the hot oil and shake off excess oil, and dip the mold into the batter, then into the oil again. Jiggle the mold lightly and use a chopstick to separated the shell from the mold. Fry the shell until light golden brown, remove and drain on paper towel.

Store the shells in an airtight container.

Makes about 100 to 110 Pie Tee Shells with room for errors.

Vegetable Filling


1 kg Yam Bean (Jicama), shredded
300 g Carrots, shredded
5 Shallots, sliced
250 g Prawns, shelled and chopped
2 Tbsp Peanut Oil
2 tsp Sugar
Sea salt to taste
2 Eggs, lightly beaten
3 stalks Scallions
3 Red Chillies, finely sliced


In a large pan or wok, cook the shallots on a low heat until they are golden in color.

Turn the heat on high and mix in the chopped prawns. Saute briefly and add the yam beans and carrots. Stir and add some pepper, sugar and sea salt to taste. Cook for another 5 minutes. Set aside.

In a non-stick pan, make the omelet. Let it cool slightly and sliced them thinly.

To serve, put some yam beans and carrot filling and top it with the omelet, chilies and some scallions. Serve with some sweet chili sauce.

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  1. Hi Angie, where can i find the mold here in Vancouver? Thanks!

    1. Hi Nat, I'm not sure the mold is available here. However, I found a company from Malaysia that delivers worldwide. (http://www.bakingfrenzy.com/pie-tee-mould-p-341.html)

  2. This is great! Thanks, Angie :)

  3. Hi Angie. I tried this recipe over the weekend and they turned out good. My problem is I couldn't get the "brim" shell which looks so good. I watched your video a few times. Is there any tips u can give? I would like to do this again. I really liked yours a lot. Thanks Chloe

  4. Hi Angie
    Not sure if u got my earlier question since it's not shown here. Ok my question is I tried to get the brim look for the shells but not successful. All else is good except that my shells the top gets out of shape slightly. I want a bigger "mouth" to fill more fillings
    Thanks soomuch for your help
    Love your blog. Awesome!

    1. Sorry for the late reply..Thanks for the feedback. In order to have the perfect "brim", dip the mold in batter (leave a small gap) then oil, and quickly lift up the mold (slightly)and fry for few seconds, so the brim set and then shake off and release the pie tee. Good luck!



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