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Malaysian Style Half-Boiled Eggs

Half-Boiled Egg or aka soft-boiled egg and toast are one of the common and popular breakfasts in Malaysia and Singapore. It's often served alongside with coconut jam too. In this video, I'll show you how to make the eggs without an egg contraption. All you need is a small pot, water, salt, and of course, the eggs. So, check out the video and get cracking!

Malaysian Style Half-Boiled Eggs


4 Large Eggs (cold, straight from the fridge)
5 Cups of Water
1 tsp Salt

Soy Sauce
White Pepper

1 Small Pot (2 quart)
1 Wire Scoop or Slotted Spoon
Kitchen Timer


Place water in the pot, and bring it to a rapid/rolling boil. Set the timer to 12 minutes. When the water come to a boil, remove the lid, add salt, and switch off heat. Then lower the eggs with a wire scoop and start the timer.

After 12 minutes, remove the eggs. Serve with soy sauce and white pepper.

Note: If making 2 Eggs, change the timer to 10 minutes.
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