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Dinner @ Nu With BC Blueberry Council

I was invited to attend a dinner event with the BC Blueberry council last week. It was a well organized fun-filled social and educating evening. For me, it was also a great opportunity to learn more about BC blueberries and to meet the key people who have done an outstanding job promoting awareness of BC Blueberries.

The dinner was held at Nu in downtown Vancouver. Chef de cuisine, Peter Burt prepared a delectable menu for the evening. Below are some of the pictures of his creations. Bravo to chef Peter Burt!

We were handed a bag of blueberries by the organizers at the end of the evening. I enjoyed the fresh blueberries and also used them in my pancakes, ice cream, salad, and baking. I will definitely share some of the recipes with you soon.

If you are keen to learn more about BC blueberries, please visit their website at BC Blueberry . The site have some great recipes using blueberries.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Kara Daugharty from BC Blueberry for inviting me to attend this special event.

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