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Açaí Energy Bowl

Okay, as promised earlier, here is my Açaí bowl recipe. I'm sure many of you must be wondering what is Açaí, right? In fact, I have received a few emails regarding the product. Well, you can learn more about Açaí from Sambazon. They have all the information, a few recipes and a blog too! Go check them out!

Açaí Energy Bowl


2 Packets (100 g) Original Açaí
1 Banana
2 Tbsp Natural Yogurt
2 or 3 Splash of Soy Milk
Extra 1/2 a Banana, sliced
A handful of your favorite Granola


Blend the frozen Acai, banana, yogurt and soy milk. To serve, top with slices of bananas and granola.

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  1. How does that taste like Angie? I love the one I had in Qoola. Yummy!

  2. I love this recipe. I used to get something similar at Robeks every day for lunch!

  3. Hey Ben, they were awesome! You should try to make some at home, it's so easy!

    Hi Esi, I'm glad you're fond of acai bowl too!

    Hey finsmom, thanks :)

  4. Interesting recipe! I actually just wrote an article on the benefits of acai.


    Such a powerful antioxidant. I have been looking for other recipe ideas besides Jamba Juice. Ha. Thanks!


  5. @Sheila | Live Well 360°: I've checked out your article on Acai, very well written :)


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