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Boiled Peanuts

Has anyone ever tried boiling fresh peanuts (aka groundnuts) at home? I recently bought a couple of bags of fresh peanuts and boiled them with some sea salt, star anise, and turmeric. Boiled peanuts are a great healthy snack. I like having the peanuts while they are still slightly warm and they can be very addictive once you get started!

Boiled Peanuts
(Printable Recipe)


1 lb Fresh Peanuts
3 Star Anise
1 tsp Turmeric Powder
3 – 4 Tbsp Sea Salt


In a large pot, place all the ingredients and enough water to cover the peanuts. Bring it to a boil and reduce the heat. Simmer the peanuts for about 4 hours and season the peanuts with sea salt, if necessary. Continue to cook for another hour or until the peanuts are soft. Serve warm or at a room temperature.

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  1. I love boiled peanuts. It's the perfect popcorn equivalent when we watch a movie =)

  2. yum- my mom makes boiled peanuts all the time and it was definitely one of my favorite snacks growing up! i've never tried it seasoned though!

  3. Yum those look fabulous, gorgeous photo!

  4. I've never had boiled peanuts. What's the texture like?

  5. I have never had that before. I thought the peanuts in the shells were already roasted? Is there a raw version for this or do we just use the grocery store peanuts in the shells still?

  6. Well raw peanuts can taste a bit like peas. They have a texture similar to undercooked beans....

  7. I love boiled peanuts, they are good with red pepper flakes & lots of salt too. Thankfully I can still find raw peanuts after moving back north to TN to make them at home

  8. Hi. This is a common snack in India.Its great to carry with you especially on long journeys with hungry kids. You could also add a pinch of turmeric when boiling the peanuts.

  9. This reminds me of the kind of peanuts served in Teochew restaurants! I have been wondering how are those made... I love those!

  10. I am not a fan of peanuts any way, except boiled. They are addicting! MMMMMMM

  11. Growing up in the Southern US, boiled peanuts have always been a common snack.

    My Basic method:

    10 lbs green peanuts
    3 cups salt

    Put in a very large outdoor cooking pot; I use the same pot I steam oysters in, probably about 10 gallon size

    Fill 4/5 with water, add salt, bring to a boil.

    Cook for 5 hours on a steady boil. you will need to stir about every hour or so, and in the last 3 hrs add water to get back to the original amount. These peanuts will absorb a lot of water.

    After 5 hours of cooking, allow to soak for 2-4 hours. You need to taste test at about one hour of soaking to determine how salty you want them. During soaking they really start picking up salt.

    Store in the Frig. you can also freeze in quart bags to enjoy over the winter..



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