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Fresh Figs With Feta Cheese, Pistachio, And Honey

I love fresh figs, especially, the sweet Black Mission variety. The way I like to enjoy them is to pair the figs with salty Bulgarian Feta cheese, some raw pistachio, honey, and served with some wholemeal rusk. This is one of my favorite non-cook and no recipe needed appetizer. You can play around with the ingredients, perhaps, you may want to pair the figs with some goat cheese and walnut instead, or maybe serve with some dry toast, pita chips, or even flatbreads. Try it.

Fresh Figs With Feta Cheese, Pistachio, Honey, And Wholemeal Rusk
(Printable Recipe)


6 Fresh Black Mission Figs, washed and halved
Crumbled Feta Cheese (Bulgarian)
12 Whole Meal Rusk
Raw Pistachio, lightly chopped
Mint leaves, optional


Scattered some feta cheese on each Rusk and top with a fig half. Drizzle some honey, top with pistachio and garnish with mint leaves.

Makes 12 appetizers

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  1. This is gorgeous! Would love to just take a bite!

  2. Great recipe!
    However I 'd like to point that Feta is protected by European Commission Law, through Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) legislation. This means that the European Commission has decided that only feta cheese made in Greece can now be referred to as Feta.

  3. Fabulous! This sounds like my new favorite treat!! Now, if only I can find a market that sells figs in my town!

  4. I want to go out and buy the ingredients and make this for lunch. This sounds delicious!

  5. Lovely picture! I could even have had it for breakfast right now...

  6. Lovely picture! This is definitely my kind of a snack or light meal.

  7. Great, summer tartines and very nice pictures. Very fresh !

  8. My family loves figs. This sounds yummy!

  9. Oh wow. Now I have no excuse! I have to find some figs!

  10. I think you've included all of my favorite ingredients in one fantastic recipe. These pictures are wonderful and now I am craving figs. Just lovely!



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