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Seafood Pasta

It's pasta night again or shall I say, seafood night again? Well, whatever it is, all we need to do is eat right? I was just plain happy, when my son requested for Seafood Pasta for dinner. At least, I don't have to think, "what's for dinner?" today. This seems like a everyday question for everybody that I know. The good thing is, I am residing in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. Where, seafood, meat or shall I say, everything is abundance!! Lucky me:)

Seafood Pasta


600 to 700 g of Fresh Linguine
3 cloves Garlic, coarsely chopped
2 Roma Tomatoes, blanched, seeded and julienne
600 g Clams, scrubbed and rinsed
300 g Prawns, shelled
200 g Scallops
1 glass Dry White Wine
4 Tbsp Olive Oil
2 Tbsp Unsalted Butter
1 Lemon, squeezed
2 tsp Dried Chili Flakes
Flat Italian Parsley, chopped
Sweet Basil, chopped
Fresh Ground Black Pepper
Sea Salt to taste


In a heavy pot, add the clams and white wine. Turn the heat onto high and close the lid. Cook the clams for about 5 minutes. Drained and shelled the clams and reserved the juice.

Cook the pasta in a large pot with 3 tablespoons of salt for about 2 to 3 minutes or until the pasta is al dente! Drain and reserve some water for the sauce.

With a large saucepan on high heat, add the olive oil. Saute the prawns and scallops and it will only take a couple minutes to cook. Then set them aside together with the clams.

Lower the heat and add the chopped garlic. Saute the garlic until golden brown, add the julienne tomatoes and dried chili flakes. Then, add the reserved clam juice, lemon juice and some reserved boiled pasta water. Bring it to boil, add the seafood, chopped parsley, basil and the unsalted butter. Season with sea salt.

To serve, divide the pasta among four plates and spoon the Seafood Sauce over the pasta. Sprinkle some chopped parsley and freshly ground black pepper. Enjoy!

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  1. Which type of camara you use for take a photo of your dish?
    All beautiful..

  2. @tan.wiratchada: Well, I'm a beginner in photography:) But I use a Sony DSC-T50 Cybershot, my old camera from my husband. Thank you for all the comments!:)



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