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Mini Hamburgers

These Mini Hamburgers are great for parties as it easy to prepare, looks impressive and tastes really good too.

Cheesesteak Sliders

You will need a lot of napkins and drinks for this fabulous Cheesesteak Sliders. This is the perfect meal to make when you are craving for something meaty and cheesy! The list of ingredients might look long; but, rest assured it's a very simple meal to prepare. Either get your butcher to slice the steak thinly at the store or if you prefer, you can do it yourself at home with a good sharp knife. Just remember to freeze the meat for about 30 minutes before slicing. I prepared some meat seasoning for this recipe, however, if you don't have all the spices, you can substitute with your favorite steak blend spice from the store.

How To Make Mini/Slider Buns

This homemade mini or Slider Buns are soft and taste really good. They are great for Cheesesteak sliders or Mini burgers.

Chicken Rendang

Chicken Rendang does not require much cooking. Just lots of patience and time to allow it to simmer until almost all the coconut and spice mixture are absorbed into the chicken meat and becomes tender.

Braised Short-Ribs With Pappardelle

This is one of my favorite pasta dishes with meat. It's hearty and perfect for the cold winter day.

How To Make Muah Chee (Glutinous Rice Snack With Peanut And Sugar)

This is a traditional-style Muah Chee or Glutinous Rice Snack With Peanut & Sugar. It's a popular Chinese snack. The rice was soaked for a day, steamed and pounded, or in this case with a help of a mixer. The texture of the dough is smooth, elastic and chewy.

Kuih Kosui (Kuih Ko Swee)

This is Kuih Kosui (Ko Swee) or also known as Kuih Lompang in Malaysia, is a popular afternoon snack. The cake is made from palm sugar syrup, coconut milk, rice flour, tapioca starch, wheat flour and grated coconut for coating. It's sweet, soft, chewy and goes really well with a cup of tea or coffee.

Rose Potatoes (Roasted Potatoes With Rosemary And Garlic)

These roasted potatoes are so pretty, and they taste fantastic too. All you need is a few ingredients such as yellow potatoes, rosemary, garlic, and olive oil. These rose shaped potatoes are crunchy on the outside, and the flesh remains soft, and they are simply delicious.

Chicken And Egg Rice Bowl

This is a delicious and budget friendly Chicken And Egg Rice Bowl. A great recipe that's easy to prepare and all you need is some ground chicken meat, mushrooms, eggs, and some basic Chinese cooking seasonings.

Hot And Sour Soup (No Meat)

Seafood and meat, such as chicken, pork, and shrimps can be added to the soup too. If you wish to add them, then remember to mix in some julienne ginger.

Potato Roti (Roti Pratha Filled With Potatoes)

Potato Roti is a great snack, made with roti canai dough and filled with spicy potatoes.

Rice Noodle Soup With Deep Fried Fish Fillets

Having just returned from my summer vacation, I did not want to indulge in anything too heavy for dinner as I was still recovering from jet lag. I just needed something soupy. So, I decided to cook this delicious and simple meal, Rice Noodle Soup with Deep Fried Fish Fillets. I used a fresh sea bass for this recipe’s deep fried fish fillets. As for the soup base, I just used the fish bones and lots of chicken bones to sweetened the soup. The clear aromatic soup was just what I needed, light and yet hearty, served with a handful of rice noodles or vermicelli, and topped off with a few slices of deep fried sea bass fillets. Simply divine!

How To Make Nasi Impit (Compressed Rice)

Nasi Impit or compressed rice are often served with dishes such as Gado-Gado, Soto Ayam, Satay, Sayur Lodeh, or with peanut sauce.

Fried Nasi Ulam (Fried Herb Rice)

This is a great fried rice recipe, using the leftover Nasi Ulam. It's flavourful and tasty.

Sweet Potato Balls Filled With Mung Bean Paste

Fried Sweet Potato Balls are a popular sweet snack throughout South East Asia. It’s also known as Onde-Onde in Indonesia, Kanom Kai Nok Krata in Thailand, Bánh Cam in Vietnam, etc. The recipe varies from different countries, some filled with red bean paste, ground peanuts, or as it is.

Chinese Herbal Tea Eggs/Marbled Tea Eggs

Chinese Herbal Tea Eggs (or also commonly known as Tea Leaf Eggs or Marbled Eggs) is a nutritious and healthy snack that can be found throughout China and in most parts of South-East Asia. These are hard-boiled eggs infused with the flavors of tea leafs and various Chinese herbs and spices. Here, I have listed a list of herbs and spices for you to try. You can also opt for the popular Malaysian "Bak Kut Teh" spice recipe, or widely known as “BKT” in Malaysia. Anyway, you can easily obtain either the herbs and spices listed, or BKT spices at most Chinese grocers here in Vancouver. Do try to make these healthy and delicious tea eggs, then, tell me which spice you prefer.:-)

Green Mango With Sweet And Spicy Sauce

This Green Mango With Sweet And Spicy Sauce is one of my favorite childhood snacks. It is very easy to put together at and very addictive too.

Phở Gà - Chicken Noodle Soup

“Pho (pronounced ‘fir’) is the quintessential Vietnamese dish, traditionally made with beef broth but there are many variations too. Here, I have a recipe for Pho Ga or Chicken Noodle Soup. This delicious herby soup takes a while to make, but, with very little effort though. Try this easy soup noodle recipe and serve with a plate of fresh herbs, chopped chili, and slices of lime on the side. *This is an updated post with a video cooking guide. (Previously posted on 06/01/12)

Chicken Congee

A simple and delicious warm bowl of Chicken Congee or Rice Porridge With Chicken is what I like when I'm feeling under the weather. It's a comforting meal and can be served at any time of the day.

Flat-Rice Noodles Soup With Chicken And Prawn (Kai See Hor Fun)

This dish is known as Flat-Rice Noodles Soup With Chicken And Prawn or Kai See Hor Fun in Malaysia. It's also famously known as Ipoh Sar Hor Fun. The rice noodles from Ipoh boast to be the best in Malaysia because of its silky-smooth texture. I have to concur on that score. The soups are made with chicken and fried prawn shells and are naturally sweet. It is delicious, warming and wholesome.

Roti Pisang (Banana Roti)

This is Roti Pisang or Roti With Banana. It is a popular sweet breakfast option, and it is also eaten as an afternoon snack in Malaysia.

Chinese-Style Chicken Curry

This is an excellent Chinese-Style chicken curry recipe. The curry is packed with aromatic flavoring from dried chilies, lemongrass, galangal, shallots, turmeric, and garlic. It's not too spicy and is perfect with just some steamed rice. Yummy comfort food.

Potato Salad (Japanese-Style)

I'm so pleased with the result of my Japanese-style potato salad. It's light, not too creamy, and it tastes fantastic. I made this salad with yellow potato, carrot, cucumber, and homemade tartar sauce. This salad can be served cold, straight from the fridge, or at room temperature.

Nasi Ulam

Nasi Ulam or Herb Rice is steamed rice infused with a variety of herbs and seasoned with crispy fried salted-fish and dried shrimps. It is usually served along with some seafood, chicken or meat dishes. For this recipe, I flavored the rice with some dried Bunga Kantan (Torch Ginger) during the cooking process. If you have fresh torch ginger, then just omit the step, and add it together with other herbs.

Sambal Sotong Kering-Dried Cuttlefish Sambal

This is my recipe for the Sambal Sotong Kering or Dried Cuttlefish Sambal. These dried cuttlefish are usually available at any Asian or Chinese grocers. It has to be soaked in water for at least 24 to 36 hours before cooking. However, here, I had used pre-soaked cuttlefish that was conveniently available from a seafood store in Chinatown. For those of you who are interested, here is my little tip on how to make a good sambal every time. Whenever you cook sambal, you must use sufficient or extra oil and cook with a low heat while still ensuring you can hear the sizzling sound. You will know it’s ready when the unmistakable spicy sambal smell fills your kitchen. It will turn deep red in color and the oil will separate from the sambal. At this stage, if there’s too much oil, you simply discard the excess oil before serving. Remember, always serve sambal warm or at a room temperature. That’s it, simple, right? :-) *This is an updated post with a video cooking guide. (Previously poste

Kuih Lapis/Nine Layer Kuih

This nostalgic Kuih Lapis/Nine Layer Kuih is popular in Malaysia and Singapore. There are only a few ingredients required to create this wonderful kuih for snacks. Make sure you set a timer for the steaming process, wipe the pot cover dry after every layer is done and be careful not to let the hot steam burn your hands. Enjoy the kuih layer by layer...

Curry Mee (Laksa)

There are many recipes for curry laksa, and I have a few versions in my blog too. Nevertheless, there's no harm for another good one. This Curry Laksa recipe has a distinctive curry taste, with the additional, coriander, cumin and aniseed in the spice paste. The spice paste can be made in advance and stored in an airtight container for a week.

Asam Laksa

Asam Laksa is another popular dish in Malaysia. It is a dish with thick rice noodles served with a sour and slightly spicy fish based broth. Some of the key ingredients in this delicious soup include fish, Bunga Kantan or torch ginger flower, tamarind paste, dried tamarind or asam gelugor, daun kesum, etc.

How To Make Thick Rice Noodles/Lai Fun

These are thick rice noodles are also known as Laksa noodles in Malaysia and Lai Fun (濑粉) in Chinese. The noodles are made of rice flour and potato starch. It has a slightly chewy texture, but it is still soft, and it's gluten-free. The noodles are best served together with Asam Laksa, Nyonya Curry Laksa, Fish Noodles, or a simple stir-fry with either meat, seafood or vegetables.

Roti Telur (Roti With Egg)

Here is another popular Roti Canai recipe. This one is filled with egg, a bit of green chili and red onion. It's known as Roti Telur in Malaysia, and simply delicious with some Dhal or Fish Curry. Roti Canai With Egg (Roti Telur) Ingredients 1/2 Recipe Roti Canai Dough 10 Large Eggs 10 Green Chilies, chopped 1 Large Red Onion, thinly sliced Vegetable Oil Method Remove the chilled dough from the fridge. Lightly flatten each dough with your fingers and let it rest for about 25 to 30 minutes, or at room temperature. To make the roti canai; Lightly oil your palms and a clean work surface. Flatten the dough with your palms, drizzle a little oil and use a circular motion to stretch the dough. Then place one hand underneath the roti and one hand on top. Flip the dough forward, then move both your hands around the roti, and flip again,  about 6 to 10 times, until the roti is thin. Then lightly lift the dough and stretch with your hand until all the edges are paper-thi

Dhal Curry

This is a basic Dhal Curry recipe that I often cook. You can use different types of lentils but make sure you are aware that some lentils need to soak for a longer time. As for the vegetables, pumpkin or radish can be added too.

Roti Canai (Roti Pratha/Paratha)

This is the regular Roti Canai, as known in Malaysia, or Roti Pratha in its neighboring countries. It's eaten during breakfast and usually served with varieties of curry. I have made both square and round shapes in the video. The square one has a slightly softer texture, and the latter crisps on the outside. So, do try to make it at home, and you can leave me a feedback on my YouTube channel or Facebook.

How To Make Roti Canai Dough (Pratha/Paratha)

This week, I'm going to show you how to make Malaysian style Paratha. An Indian flat bread, which is known as Roti Canai locally. First, I'll share my homemade dough recipe made with wheat flour. Once you have learned the process on how to make the dough, then you can make varieties of roti, such as a plain roti, or one filled with egg, potatoes, banana, sugar, scallions, etc.

How To Make Nasi Lemak Kukus

This is my favorite steamed coconut rice recipe. It's a traditional way of cooking, a bit of prep, just like the sambal on my previous post. You have to soak the rice before steaming, etc. I have made it on many occasions and everyone who tried it, loved it! The rice is soft, light, and has a delightful coconut aroma. So, check out the video, and learn how to make it.

Best Sambal (Nasi Lemak Sambal)

This year Malaysia will be celebrating 59 years of independence from the British on August 31st 2016. So, throughout this month, I'll share some of my favorite food, that is uniquely Malaysian, and I hope you will like them too. 
I'll start with the most popular breakfast dish in Malaysia, called Nasi Lemak. The basic meals consist of coconut milk rice, Sambal, hard-boiled or fried or egg, cucumber, slices, fried anchovies and peanuts. Other great accompaniments are deep-fried chicken, Sambal Sotong Kering, etc.

Fresh Spring Rolls (Summer Rolls)

We love Vietnamese-style fresh spring rolls, or also known as Summer Rolls. Basically, you can fill the rolls with any ingredients of your choice. For this recipe, I used boiled prawns, bean sprouts, red leaf lettuce, rice vermicelli, mint leaf, basil leaf, roasted peanut and some crispy fried shallots. Once you roll it up, serve it with homemade Peanut Hoisin Sauce, simply delicious.

Chicken Karaage~Japanese Style Deep-Fried Chicken Nuggets

This is Toriniku Tatsuta-Age, or Japanese style deep-fried chicken nuggets. The chicken nugget is crispy on the outside, moist, tender on the inside, and pairs beautifully with the Japanese style mayonnaise that I had posted earlier.

Chicken Katsu (Tori Katsu)

Chicken Katsu, is a Japanese dish made of pounded chicken breast and breaded with breadcrumbs and deep-fry until golden brown in color. You can serve it with a simple salad, or with rice and some Tonkatsu sauce.

Har Lok/Cantonese-Style Fried Prawns

These Har Lok or Cantonese-Style Fried Prawns were once a popular entree served as part of a banquet meal in most Chinese restaurants across Malaysia. The prawns are deep-fried and then coat with a spicy, sweet and salty sauce. You can now enjoy this dish at most Chinese or seafood restaurant, or simply make it at home with this easy recipe.

Bubur Pulut Hitam (Black Glutinous Rice With Red Bean In Coconut Milk

Black glutinous rice with red bean in coconut milk is probably one of the easiest dessert to make. It’s popular in Malaysia and also in neighboring countries, namely, Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand. The black glutinous rice is available at most Asian grocery stores. So, do try making this simple mouthwatering dessert.

Sweet Potato Fatt Koh (Steamed Sweet Potato Rice Cakes)

These delicious steamed rice cakes have a soft and airy texture. They are made with sweet potatoes and best serve warm, and with some shredded coconut, if you desired.

Chili Crabs

Like most people, I love the sweetness of Dungeness crabs. They are reasonable priced this time of the year. So, if you are into crabs, do try this Chili Crabs recipe. The chili sauce requires a little advance preparation, but, the end result is well worth the effort.

Oxtail Soup

I would like to wish all my Muslims readers Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. May this Eid al-Fitr bring you an abundance of joy, happiness, and great health! This is a mouth-watering Indonesian style Oxtail soup with plenty of flavors. It is a fantastic meal by itself. If you are planning to cook this soup, make sure to allow the meat to simmer for at least four hours, or until it's very tender. If you have a pressure cooker, then you can reduce the cooking time significantly.

Coconut Jelly (Agar-Agar)

Coconut Jelly is a popular dessert from Thailand. It is very easy to make at home. All you need are fresh young coconut, agar-agar powder, and sugar. This jelly is slightly firm, but you can adjust the amount of agar-agar powder for a softer texture. Do try this refreshing and yummy dessert.

Pomelo Salad With Prawns

This salad is simply delicious! The Pomelo is sweet and slightly sour. It complements very well with the pan-grilled shrimps.

Crispy Peanut Puffs

These are crispy fried peanut puffs. It's a popular snack during festival season in Malaysia, especially Chinese Lunar New Year and Eid al-Fitr or also known as Hari Raya Aidilfitri in Malay.

Deep-Fried Cempedak Fritters (Cempedak Goreng)

Have you seen this type of fruit before? Well, this is an exotic fruit called Cempedak. It’s popular in Southeast Asia, particularly in Malaysia. The size of the Cempedak fruit is much smaller than the more well known Jackfruit. The texture of the Cempedak flesh is soft, sweet, and has a strong aroma. They can be eaten fresh; but, they tastes much better in fritters. Deep-fried Cempedak Fritters are commonly sold in the streets of Malaysia.

Sweet Corn Pudding

This is an easy and slightly sweet dessert is popular in Malaysia, and across South-East Asia. It is made with "Hun Kwe" or sometimes known as mung bean flour, sugar, sweet corn kernels, and coconut milk. Make sure to serve it chilled, and it's great for the hot summer weather.

Glutinous Rice Snack With Red Bean Paste

These Glutinous Rice Snacks made of sweet rice flour and filled with store-bought red bean paste. Generously coat the dough with sesame seeds before pan-fry them. It's that easy and tasted so good.

Miang Kham/Meang Khum (Leaf-Wrapped Tidbits/Bites)

This is a popular appetizer in Thailand. It's called Miang Kham or sometimes known as Leaf-Wrapped Tidbits or bites. Wild pepper leaf or Bai Cha Plu in Thai used in this recipe. The leaf has a mild peppery taste, which complements the bright flavors of coconut, peanut, ginger, limes, shallot, dried shrimps, chili, and the sweet and salty sauce.