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How to make Rice Pin Noodles (Loh Shee Fun)

Today, I’m going to show you an easy, shortcut version on how to make authentic Hakka Rice Pin Noodles (a.k.a Loh Shee Fun or Rat Tail Noodles)! Traditionally, rice pin noodles are made with soaked grinded rice, similar to the method I showed in a previous video about how to make “rice cakes.” This recipe consists of only two ingredients, rice flour and water, and you’ll be surprised with the results: soft, bouncy, and chewy noodles! This video will showcase two different methods. The first method is kneading and shaping the dough manually and the second, is mixing the dough with a machine and pushing the dough with the heel of your hand. Although the end result of one may look better than the other, both results are equally good in taste and texture! You can use these noodles in a variety of ways from stir-fry to soup or even mixing it in with a savory meat sauce (as shown in one of my videos which I will link in the in the YouTube description box!) Enjoy!