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How To Make Kuih Bahulu

Kuih Bahulu is another popular Chinese Lunar New Year treats. Traditionally, they were baked in a cast iron mold and the heat came from the charcoal. Since, I don't have any of the stuff, I baked them in the oven with a simple Kuih Bahulu mold. The result was pretty good!

Baked Potato Skins “Pepperoni Pizza”

These are Baked Potatoes Skins "Pepperoni Pizza". They are lightly crisp and the pepperoni, marinara sauce, and cheese mixtures provide the right amount of saltiness that is needed. I think these are perfect snacks for game day.  *This is an updated post with a new video cooking guide. {Original Post Published on 01/30/2012}

Homemade Kaya~Coconut Jam

Kaya or Coconut Jam is a popular and delicious breakfast toast spread in Malaysia and Singapore. A perfect Kaya has to be smooth from hours of stirring. I have preciously shared some short cut recipe, but the traditional recipe and cooking method are the best. For this recipe, I opted for duck eggs for richer tasting Kaya. I have reduced the amount sugar and make some caramel instead. This recipe will yield thick, smooth and glossy jam. 

Zesty Ketchup Prawns

This is a sweet, tangy, and sticky Zesty Ketchup Prawns dish. Shelled prawns are preferred for this recipe. This is best served with plenty of steamed rice, and they are really finger licking good! *This is an updated post with a new video cooking guide. {Original Post Published on 01/02/2012}

How To Make Pineapple Tarts/Cookies

This is the enclosed version of the popular Malaysian Chinese New Year Pineapple Tarts. It's not that difficult to make but slightly time consuming. It's worth the effort as a great gift to friends and relatives. If you're not up to shape the tarts, then just roll it up, flatten the dough slightly, egg-wash them and bake until golden in color. They taste fantastic!

Cucur Badak

Cucur Badak is another popular savoury snack in Malaysia. It's made with steamed sweet potatoes with a spicy dried Shrimp floss with coconut filling. They are fried until golden delicious and taste really good.

Grilled Beef Salad~Thai Style

It's amazing how satisfying eating a plate of this delicious Thai-style Grilled Beef Salad. Prep all the salad and dressing ingredients ahead of time. When ready to serve, grill the beef to your liking, sliced, and then toss them with the salad and dressing.

Baked Buffalo Chicken Wings

These Baked Buffalo Chicken Wings are crispy and flavorful. The wings are seasoned with salt and pepper and then tossed with a flour mixture. It consists of all-purpose flour, baking powder, and baking soda. To achieve the crispiness of the wings, do allow the chicken to dry out for about 40 minutes to an hour before baking them. Then come the final steps, toss and coat the chicken wings with the buttery and spicy hot sauce. There you have it, scrumptious Buffalo wings, a perfect game-day snack!