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Pan Fried Meat Buns (生煎包)

This is a delicious Pan-Fried Meat Bun recipe for all you meat-lovers out there. These buns are soft, the meat filling is succulent & juicy, the bottom of the buns are brown and toasty. It is perfect for a simple breakfast, lunch, or as snacks.

Kuih Ketayap (Labu/Kabocha/Japanese Pumpkin)/Dadar Gulung

This Kuih Ketayap crêpe is made with Japanese pumpkin, instead of Pandan infused flavoured. They are wrapped with sweet coconut filling, made from grated coconut, and cooked in palm sugar. It's a simple snack, and yet they are very delicious.

Kuih Koci Pulot Hitam (Kuih Koci With Black Glutinous Rice)

Kuih Koci is a traditional kuih (dumpling) in Malaysia, and can be found across Southeast Asia with different names. They are made with white glutinous flour: infused with Pandan juice or a combination of both black and white glutinous rice flour. The dough is stuffed with coconut filling, cooked in palm sugar (aka. Gula Jawa or Melaka). The result is a sweet and delicious snack that can be served at anytime.