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Crispy Salt and Pepper Squid

This is a classic dish served in many Chinese's restaurants. It is a great appetizer to any meal. The squid is crispy, sumptuous , and delicious in every bite with the "Magic Salt."

Steamed Eggs With Minced Meat

These are smooth and tasty Chinese-styled steamed eggs with minced meat. You can use either chicken or pork for this recipe. The trick to produce a smooth texture is to use a "low and slow method." Check out the video tutorial and learn how to make this delicious egg at home.

Putu Mayam/String Hoppers/Iddayapam

String Hoppers or Ididyapam is a breakfast dish made of rice flour, served with grated coconut and palm sugar. It originates from India, but they are very popular in a multicultural country, like Malaysia. It's known as Putu Mayam for the local residents. The meal is on a sweeter side, but you can always have it with some curry.

Chinese Egg Noodles With Shallot Oil

This is a simple and tasty noodle with shallot oil, anchovy broth, crispy shallot and soy sauce. It's great light meal, or you can top with any meat or vegetables for a more substantial meal.

Claypot Chicken Rice

Claypot Chicken Rice is another popular version of chicken rice in Malaysia, and throughout the South-East Asia. The rice is cooked in a clay or sand pot and top with some Chinese sausages, and salted fish. If you don't have the apparatus, then cook the rice in a regular pot or with a rice cooker.

Grilled Lemongrass Shrimps Salad

This is a sumptuous Grilled Lemongrass Shrimps Salad, pack with nutrients. If weather permits, then go ahead and grill the shrimps outdoor. Otherwise, pan grilled taste fantastic too.

Red Rubies In Coconut Milk (tub tim krob (ทับทิมกรอบ))

This is one of my favorite Thai desserts. It's easy to make at home and taste delicious, especially with some Jackfruit.