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Chicken And Egg Rice Bowl

This is a delicious and budget friendly Chicken And Egg Rice Bowl. A great recipe that's easy to prepare and all you need is some ground chicken meat, mushrooms, eggs, and some basic Chinese cooking seasonings.

Hot And Sour Soup (No Meat)

Seafood and meat, such as chicken, pork, and shrimps can be added to the soup too. If you wish to add them, then remember to mix in some julienne ginger.

Potato Roti (Roti Pratha Filled With Potatoes)

Potato Roti is a great snack, made with roti canai dough and filled with spicy potatoes.

Rice Noodle Soup With Deep Fried Fish Fillets

Having just returned from my summer vacation, I did not want to indulge in anything too heavy for dinner as I was still recovering from jet lag. I just needed something soupy. So, I decided to cook this delicious and simple meal, Rice Noodle Soup with Deep Fried Fish Fillets. I used a fresh sea bass for this recipe’s deep fried fish fillets. As for the soup base, I just used the fish bones and lots of chicken bones to sweetened the soup. The clear aromatic soup was just what I needed, light and yet hearty, served with a handful of rice noodles or vermicelli, and topped off with a few slices of deep fried sea bass fillets. Simply divine!

How To Make Nasi Impit (Compressed Rice)

Nasi Impit or compressed rice are often served with dishes such as Gado-Gado, Soto Ayam, Satay, Sayur Lodeh, or with peanut sauce.

Fried Nasi Ulam (Fried Herb Rice)

This is a great fried rice recipe, using the leftover Nasi Ulam. It's flavourful and tasty.