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Fried Rice With Bean Sprouts

Well, after two straight day of having Hot Pot, I have decided to have something simple today, fried rice with herbal soup. For the fried rice I'm using some salted fish and beans sprouts. They were delicious!

Anyway, back to the Hot Pot, last Saturday we were invited to a Chinese New Year Pot Luck gathering. We had a great time catching up with some friends. The gathering was hosted by Mark and Jess and if guys do read this post, thanks for your hospitality and we truly enjoyed our time at your place :)

Fried Rice With Bean Sprouts


5 cups of Cooked Cooled Rice
2 cups of Beans Sprouts, heads and roots off
3 Eggs, lightly beaten
30 g Good quality Salted Fish, thinly sliced, soaked and drained
1 Tbsp Soy Sauce
3 cloves Garlic, chopped
2 stalks Scallions, chopped
3 Tbsp Peanut Oil
Ground White Pepper
Sea Salt to taste


In a moderate heat, deep-fried the salted fish with a Tbsp of oil. Cook until they are lightly brown and crispy. Set aside.

Using the same oil, lower the heat and cook the garlic until they are golden in color and set aside.

Then, cook the eggs until they are set and mashed them lightly with the spatula and set aside.

Turn the heat on high and add the remaining oil. Mix in the rice and cook briefly for about 5 minutes. Then add in the garlic, eggs and soy sauce. Give it a quick stir.

Then add in the salted fish and bean sprouts. Stir quickly and season with sea salt and ground white pepper. To serve, top it with some chop scallions. Serve immediately.

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  1. Don't tell me ... the hotpot you had the second day must be filled with prawns. Is that right? LOL!

    Hey, you had also opened up your comments, I see.


  2. Lovely fried rice Angie. Look so good..humm..;)

  3. Hey Ben, you're absolutely right! LOL!



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