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Pomegranate Agar-Agar

Pomegranate is one of my favorite fruits but not for my kids. They seem to think why would someone wanted to eat "seeds"! I have tried convinced them to like pomegranate earlier but with no luck until last evening. Okay, I know how much they love my Rose Water agar-agar that I often make for them. So, I was thinking why not adding some sweet and juicy pomegranate in the agar-agar? The result?

Well, I'm proud to say that I did it! My kids are into pomegranate now! LOL! Anyway, I find that the combination of Rose Water really compliments well with pomegranate. The agar-agar is very refreshing with a hint of sweet rose aroma.

Pomegranate Agar-Agar


1 Packet 42.5 g (1.5 oz) Agar-Agar
12 cups of Water
200 g Sugar
5 Tbsp Rose Water
2 drops of Red Coloring
3 Pandanus Leaves, cleaned and knotted
2 Pomegranate, peeled


In a large pot, boil the agar-agar and pandanus leaves with water. Let is simmer for about 15 minutes. Then add sugar and stir until both the agar-agar and sugar dissolves.

Add the rose water and a few drops of red food coloring. Strained and pour into a mold. Let it cool slightly and add the pomegranate. Chilled in refrigerator. Serve the agar-agar cold.

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  1. that's a beautiful dessert... looks like floating 'red rubies' Thank you for sharing the recipe.

  2. @pixen: You're absolutely right about the floating red rubies. I have never thought of that! Thank you. :)

  3. How could anyone not love pomegranates, they're so pretty!

  4. Hi Brilynn, I couldn't agree more with you. :)

  5. This is easily the most lovely aspic I've ever seen. Beautiful beautiful!

  6. Just lovely!!!! I love the combo of pom and rosewater. What a delicious treat.

  7. @The Food Librarian:I love the combo of pom and rosewater too! Thanks:)

  8. If one does not like pom in agar, what would you suggest to substitute it with (but would still go well with the rose flavour)?

  9. @Anonymous: I think raspberries, strawberries, and red grapes will go well with rose water.

  10. Pardon my ignorance as I've not eaten pomegranate before. You mean I'm supposed to eat the fruit with the seeds? Viv

  11. @Anonymous: No worries, pomegranate seeds are edible. You can have the option to eat or discard the seeds.



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