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Arrowroot Chips

How about some scrumptious arrowroot chips for a change? They tasted just like potato chips but sweeter. They are also known as Arrowhead . Anyway, I won't be posting any recipe today. Basically, all you need is to peel and slice the arrowroot and soaked them in water. Drained and fry them in a low heat oil. That's it! 

Well, I would like to suggest using a mandoline to do the slicing and remember to fry in small batches and drain well.

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  1. I love arrowroot chips! I prefer them to potato chips actually.

  2. Does arrowroot go by another name? I have never heard of them! Is it like a yucca?

  3. @pigpigscorner: They do taste better and thanks.
    @Joie de vivre: The other common name is arrowhead. They're not the same as yucca. Though they're both starchy. The arrowroot shaped like water chestnut but the skin is white. Hope this help:)

  4. I've never seen arrowhead/root other than powder. Would it be with the Asian vegetables?

  5. Hey Maggie, I guess you can consider the fresh arrowroot is an Asian vegetable. They’re usually used for braising meat and popular during the Chinese New Year.

  6. @Selba:I couldn't agree more! Yummy!



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